Taking Responsibility For Your Life

I am currently training to be an NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and during the first session, one of our discussion topics in the class was around taking personal responsibility for our own life to help us live the life of our dreams. NLP has been termed the Study of Human Excellence – the aim being to gain the ability to be your best more often by taking responsibility and action towards your goals to get the best results possible.  The whole discussion in class really resonated with me as over the last few years I have approached my life by really stepping into those shoes and taking full responsibility for all of it. I can see how doing this has positively impacted and moved me forward to achieve what it was I wanted to achieve and become the better person I have wanted to become (which will always be a work in progress I may add).

Taking full responsibility for every part of our life is really important for happiness and living life in a way that allows for our dreams to come true. This really does mean taking responsibility for absolutely every part of our life in every aspect.  Even the situations that seem beyond our control, that affect us through outside circumstances, or where it appears that we had no part to play in them.  The key thing to know is that we are very connected to those situations, we are responsible for them in some way or we would not have experienced them.  So by taking responsibility, there is never any blame game or victimhood to anything that happens to us.  Being a victim is very disempowering but taking responsibility is very empowering, which would you prefer to choose for yourself?

The law of attraction states: “like attracts like”.  My understanding of the law of attraction is that we attract what we are in that moment whether consciously or unconsciously.  Even things that occur that do not seem like we have anything to do with.  So for example if you get rear ended in a car accident, which might not at first glance appear to be your fault in anyway as someone else drove into you.  Let’s look at this a little deeper and ask what can this tell or show you?   If you take no responsibility for any of it, you could lay total blame on the other driver for causing the accident and you would feel like a victim of circumstance.   However if you look for your responsibility in it, you would understand that because you were in the driver’s way at the time of the collision, this was your part to play in it.  If you were not in that place at that exact time, the accident would not have happened.   You could also see that by the driver rear ending you,  this could also be a message for you in some way ie: do you need a boot up the backside to get going in life, are you not watching your own back, do you need to wake up to your life!   The same would apply to the other driver.  They may need to slow down in life, they are not watching or seeing where they are going, or they are not present in their life; ie too distracted.  Can you see how both drivers do have a part to play to take responsibility for this accident even though on a surface level one driver rear ended the other.  

We have all come across people that wish for something better but never seem to do very well in getting it because they don’t take any responsibility to do it themselves.  They rely on others to make their wishes come true for them or use others to get them where they may want to go.  This never really seems to work out well due to a dissonance of the energy dynamic (an imbalance) which will cause the process to break down at some point. This can occur because they are not aware that they are not taking responsibility for the part they play in it their own life.  By relying on others to do it for them their pathway gets blocked and then the relationship to the person they are relying on starts to fail because of the “imbalance”.  That relationship eventually topples over so they have to start again. 

Taking Responsibility means you are very “self-reliant” you can do it yourself and are prepared to do even more if you have too to get you where you want.  This does not mean you won’t ever work or be in partnership with someone else.  It means you can partner up with another but you are taking full responsibility for the part you are bringing to the relationship in that partnership to work together on equal terms, as you are aware that if you don’t put in or match what another is putting in,  it will fail in some way eventually.

Responsibility can also mean you live a “DIY” life and by that I mean “you do it yourself”.  You don’t rely on any one else to make you happy or get you what you want or where you want to go.  You actually work at it yourself to achieve what you want to achieve.  By working at it yourself you know deep down that you’ve accomplished something on a very personal level, which in turn will build up your confidence (to do more things yourself) and to feel good about yourself too.  You also learn and gain wisdom from the experiences you have by getting yourself there.  This process of taking responsibility promotes inner growth for you to lead a truly authentic life, and you discover who you really are in the journey as your true self is revealed along the way. 

Another meaning of taking responsibility can be found by breaking the word down into two words “response” and   “ability”.  By changing these words round, you now have the “ability” to “respond” to any situation how you choose too.  The choice you have is your free will in life and you can chose to respond in such a way that is beneficial to your growth and evolution,  as well as responding in a way the does not harm another in thought, action or deed. Behaving in this way, you are also acting responsibly because you can understand that your actions affect others and in turn ultimately will affect you too in some way.  This can be related to the saying “what goes around comes around” because life really does seem to work like that or it does from my perspective. Even though what might come round for you, might not be exactly what you put out, but there will be a connection, some people call this Life Karma.

I have just read Doreen Virtue’s Assertiveness for Earth Angels and Doreen also speaks of taking responsibility in this book.  She speaks about what Earth Angels or Lightworkers are here to do; her answer was to work!  Work means work, do it yourself, take action, take responsibility for your actions and work towards your goals, nobody else can do it for you.  Her message is a strong one as she is passionate in making this world a better place and she wants to motivate the Earth Angels and Lightworkers to actually work in and with their light!  That’s what a Lightworker really means, do your work with your light with the emphasis on doing the work.

So if you are unhappy with your current situation, are you ready to take responsibility for it, because you are the one who has created your life for yourself at this time.  If you are ready to take responsibility, the really good news is, you can create something better for yourself if you decide too.  Only you can do it for yourself.  You can start right now by affirming the below phrase and following through with some action.

“I take full responsibility for all my life experiences and I am willing to make the necessary changes to improve the parts of my life that are not working well for me” .

If you are unsure, of what changes you need to make or don’t know where to even begin. You can always ask your Angels to give you some clear signs and direction to take. If you can’t hear what your Angels are telling you at the moment or are unsure of the messages you are getting then it’s worth considering booking a reading with me and I can ask them for you, I assure the message will be very clear and you will be guided on what to do and I can also give you some extra tips to get started that I have tried and tested to work.

The key thing to remember with the Angelic Guidance you receive is always to follow through on the message with some action.  That action will be your total responsibility. So if you decide to take responsibility by taking action, your life will change for the better, if you don’t, nothing happens or it may even get worse.   That’s how I have found it has worked for me and others I have helped.  Start saying yes to life now, by taking full responsibility of it,  because believe me life wants you to say yes, so it can say a big yes back to you!

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Angel Blessings, Love and Light


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