Taking The Elevated Path

Taking the elevated path means you will not settle for second best. Second best is like devaluing yourself for something less and is not the true path for your soul to take and is not a path that God and your Angels would ever choose for you in this lifetime.

Taking the elevated path will mean your standards will rise for yourself and in all that you do, and will elevate you on how you behave and treat others too. However, it does not mean you consider yourself higher than anyone else and/or deem to deserve more than others so that someone else gets less or is less than you.

Taking the elevated path means you are prepared to set standards that serve your soul for its highest good and evolution to benefit all. And as you sow in those higher standards, you will also reap the higher blessings and rewards, which you naturally will want to share with those you encounter.

Taking the elevated path means you will want to do the right thing by all and will try your best to do what you need to do with what resources you have in any moment, and that best will always be good enough at any moment too.

Taking the elevated path will also show you that when others act or behave in way that does not seem to serve themselves or anyone else well, or is on a different path to yours; you will be able to see that they are doing their best at the time with what they also have to work with too, so that you do not automatically judge them to feel superior or feel self-righteous or deem you are right over their wrong. You understand that all paths do lead to the same place eventually and everyone has free will to choose their own life and their own way of living it.

Taking the elevated path, is a spiraling journey upwards which will also mean you may sometimes descend back downwards. As some of the lessons to be learnt will be often repeated over and over pulling you back until those lessons are fully understood and embraced into your being before you start to ascend once more. The different levels (up or down) that you go also depends on the choices you make along the way, and your awareness of the consequences of those choices as you make them.

Taking the elevated path also means that you accept that you will make mistakes but you will not beat yourself up about making them, because beating yourself up means you have done something wrong when really all you need to do is a re-take again to learn something new, until you have reached the best outcome.  Nothing is ever really a wrong, the journey of life itself always shows that there is no wrong turns; there is only different ways and experiences to show you more about yourself which will assist you to get the results you have chosen to aim for.

Taking the elevated path, is rewarding, liberating and illuminating for a soul, however it is not the easiest path to travel upon. But, a soul ready to walk the elevated path intrinsically knows that life was never meant to be easy, because an easy path builds little strength, resilience or wisdom and would in fact weaken itself so much so, it will eventually collapse from boredom, apathy and total dissatisfaction and miss the true meaning of the life it has been given.

Taking the elevated path leads you into yourself, where you can rise up to your highest potential to live a life of the highest calling, a life that touches the hearts and souls of many, a life where you are truly free to fly high to bring little pieces of heaven down to earth for you and for others that need a little piece of heaven too.

Angel Blessings, Love and Light

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