“There is Something That Your Angels Want You To Know”

What Are Angels?

Guardian Angel Angels are the messengers of God. They act as divine delivers of God’s love and guidance. Much has been written about them, many artists have painted impressions of them and they have been known since we inhabited the earth. Most Angels have never been human and are an entirely different species. They have chosen not to  incarnate as human and learn about themselves through helping us. They have abilities to heal, help and protect and would never bring any harm to us or others. They do not interfere with our free will and will only intervene if we ask for their assistance directly to work in love and light only.

What takes place during an Angel Reading?

Angels MessagesDuring an Angel Reading a door is opened to talk directly to your Angels to reveal information about your past, present & future life.  When connecting to your Angels other impressions can come through too from your Aura that surrounds your physical body that is a direct reflection of your soul. Within this Auric energy can be found the answers to any questions regarding physical health, life purpose, sub conscious beliefs and archetypal/psychological patterns that may be holding you back.

Angels are able to help illuminate the obstacles hidden in your Aura which may be preventing you from moving forward to provide  healing. They can also provide a much deeper understanding to what is happening in your life and why. The details they offer will enable you to gain new perspectives and a renewed sense of self-empowerment for experiencing a full and balanced life.

The Angel Messages

At Angel Readings the messages are channeled for you in by Angel Intuitive ™ Lamanda.  She connects to your Guardian Angels and also the Archangels using tools of Angel Cards and a direct channel through her intuition.    The messages she brings will always be from a source of love and light and be for your highest good. The angel messages provide guidance and sometimes some actions steps for you to take that will help you in your life. These steps can lead you towards the right path and connections for Divine timing to occur for wonderful earthly manifestations. The Angels can give you guidance on where to look, on what to do or how you need to be to bring forth a happier and more enriching life. Sometimes this guidance may seem a bit irrelevant to your original enquiry, however it is required to be actioned upon as it works on a spiritual level to help line up the connections for things to occur for you, your highest good and life purpose on the earthly level. It is wise to understand that the Angels see the bigger picture of your life from all angles and they know that certain connections and correct timings need to occur for things to manifest for you in the right way and for your highest good.

The Angel Reading Booking Info


The angel reading can be take place  via a Skype call (video or voice),  via a written email or in person – face to face or telephone (if you are resident in New Zealand).

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All readings are provided for general guidance only.  Please refer to a medical practitioner for health issues and seek legal counsel if required.  Only persons over 18 years will be accepted.Any reading or message given is to be the sole responsibility of the recipient.