Rainbow Light Soul Reports

rainbow Ligth Souls R

What Is A Rainbow Light Soul Report?

The Rainbow Light Soul Ray report provides you with information on the Soul Ray vibrations that were incarnated into your soul at the time of your birth. These vibrations are colour rays that have a particular frequency that affect your behaviour, shape your personality and even affect the health of your body. You could view them as the colours of your Soul Print.  Every person born has their own unique soul ray frequencies and this is due to the date of birth on earth,  the influences of the planetary alignments, the star systems and the galactic alignments in the universe on the same date/time of your birth.

Why Should I Get A Report and What Information Will It Provide?

The Rainbow Light Soul Ray report shows you the full potential of light that your Soul Rays can have to achieve your overall soul purpose. Therefore you can use the report as a life map to guide you on your soul path for your life.

Every person has four main Soul Rays and detailed information will be provided for those rays as shown below.

  1. The Soul Ray qualities you were born with.
  2. The Soul Ray tools you have to use in this lifetime to help you with life interactions.
  3. The Soul Ray purpose; the lessons and goals to achieve in this lifetime.
  4. The Soul Ray of your overall vibration; how others perceive you to be.

Along with this information, references will be made of the shadow aspect to your Soul Rays which can happen when there is an imbalance of energy in the rays.  When this occurs you will feel off track in your soul purpose (and in your life) and you will need to take steps to bring yourself back into balance again. Some re-balancing tips are also provided in the report to help with this too.

Activating the full light potential of your soul rays depends on the development of your own awareness of who you are.  In that awareness you need to become your own witness to your feelings, thoughts, reactions or responses to what life brings you and what choices you make in your life.  So by knowing the full aspects (light and shadow) of your Soul Rays, you are able to have a deeper insight to determine when you are encountering the light or the shadow side of your rays. With this awareness you can make changes that help you to regain balance so your life can flow freely and move in the right direction again to achieve your life purpose.

How Are The Reports Prepared?

A birthdate (and a time of birth if known) along with your full name will need to be provided.  Lamanda will tune into your Soul frequency using this information to read your soul vibrations and to receive messages from your personal Soul/Guardian Angels and the Archangels.  Each report is unique for each person and although it is based on the birthdate, no two people would have exactly the same report even if the birthdate was the same.

The reports are around 9 -11 pages long (A4 size) and take up to 4-5 hours to prepare initially, but an allowance of 7 days is required to receive the final report due to their complexity and detail.

The report will be sent via PDF format to your private email address.  Once the report is sent, one follow up email session is offered to clarify any questions that may arise over it. (Other sessions can be arranged if necessary)

Are You Ready to Know About Your Soul to Achieve Your Soul Purpose In This Lifetime.  If you Are, Lamanda Can Tell You All What Need To Know.






Lamanda,  Your “Soul Ray” report is extraordinary!!! I am so impressed; I was compelled to write you this letter thank you for all that you do. I’ve met a lot of people who claim to have the gift to look into someone’s soul and give a report of what they see, you don’t need to claim anything, you deliver everything you promise, and so much more.

At first, I was unsure as to what I should expect, but I always kept an open mind. I had no idea I was about to read something so profound, that described me so deeply, that I would be learning more about; the good and the bad parts of my past, future, and present soul mission.

For anyone wanting to learn; what makes them who they are, what their balance is between good and evil, what to study deep within their soul afterwards – then you NEED to get this “Rainbow Light Soul Ray Report by Lamanda Brown!”, No substitute will do.

For those that don’t know me, I myself run many online support groups, help thousands of people with their mission in life. When Lamanda presented me with my “Rainbow Light Soul Ray Report”, I was excited and curious to see what she could find about me since so many have tried and failed in the past. This report is so “bang on”, I still re-read the entire report regularly, and it still amazes me to this day.”   Love everything that you do for people Lamanda!

Martin R. Lemieux – Canada



Every time I come back to read my Rainbow Light Soul Report by Lamanda again, I gain more insight, more wisdom and more understanding about how to navigate my life, and to how to love myself as I truly am.  What stood out to me most was how Lamanda explained that the rainbow light rays contain “both light and shadow aspects which require self-awareness and self-acceptance in order to be whole.”  This helps me to be more compassionate with myself, and more open to new possibilities for myself and my life that I hadn’t thought of before.  My Soul Report made me feel truly seen and appreciated ~ as Lamanda so beautifully and accurately outlined my heart, my soul, and my purpose. Thanks to Lamanda and my Soul Report, my vision of myself and my life are forever transformed!  Thank you, Lamanda!” 

Casey Campbell – Canada


“I was very surprised at the accuracy of the reading I had done and the insights that it provided. Whilst some of the information was new there were other areas that added depth to what I already knew about myself or which tied things in and allowed me to make new links that helped me with a deepening of my self understanding in ways that I have not had with tarot, spiritual readings or my birth chart.   For example I was deeply touched and affirmed by what came up for the soul purpose (third colour ray) and have reminded myself of it often since then. Very useful and I would gladly recommend this to others!”  
Andre Habib – New Zealand


“The concept of Soul Ray report was quite new to me, however, I was keen on reading it with an attitude to know myself on a deeper level. The report is covered in four parts helping you to understand the attributes you are associated with right from your birth. One of the main purposes of our lives is to discover our true self, but most of the times we tend to lose the grip within our individual chaos. The soul report on the other hand, directs us to focus on the same by helping us realize our overall composition including the unbalanced side of us. This provides us a framework to understand our strengths and weakness, while guiding us to organize the same with the re-balancing tips provided by Lamanda that assist us to reach closer to the purpose of our soul”. 

Ankita – India


“Thank you so much for the reading. I know it is something that I will keep going back to. It’s reminded me of things that I’ve managed to integrate back into myself and other little parts of my soul that are yearning for some attention. It’s also reaffirmed why I’m so passionate about helping others, delving into the mind and wanting to paint and write. I love it! “

Roseleen McNally – Ireland



Many thanks for doing the reading and the detailed report. For someone who doesn’t know me or who has never met me you read my qualities (both light & shadow) very accurately. The report for me has made me more accepting of who I am, of both my light and shadow aspects and of why I am the way I am in the world. It is also useful to know that when the shadow aspects are working more dominantly then we can become unbalanced and I can clearly see the glaring imbalance in my life at the moment having read the report. Many thanks also for the tips for re-balancing the different rays, I enjoy working with affirmations and crystals so I’m looking forward to working with your suggestions around these. I know I will refer back to your report time and time again, going forward it will be a good way for me to check in with myself to see where I am – to see where I need to shine my light in order to bring me back to balance, it’s all about that old chestnut ‘balance’, the middle path. With love, gratitude and blessings for this beautiful report.

 Catherine – Ireland


Lamanda,  words cannot express the wonder of the Soul Report you have done for me. To say it resonated with me, would be an understatement! It is spot on & has come directly from God. I feel so privileged that you did that for me. I think it is probably the single, most important report I have ever had done. It was imperative I was given that information, right at this particular time. Wow! Thank you so much xxx.

Clare Ashman – New Zealand






All readings are provided for general guidance only.  Please refer to a medical practitioner for health issues and seek legal counsel if required.  Only persons over 18 years will be accepted.Any reading or message given is to be the sole responsibility of the recipient.