150384_445817002124309_1345745322_nAngel Intuitive Lamanda was born in London, and from a young age she was always drawn to a spiritual path of inner discovery and travelled extensively to the Far East, India, Thailand, Nepal and Mexico to experience and study in the spiritual and mystical traditions.   She was deeply drawn to Yoga and was a student of yoga for 10 years.

In early 2002, she trained to be a Yoga teacher in the esoteric aspects of Yoga through the Satyananda School of Yoga in London, her teacher was Swami Vedantanada. She qualified in India in later 2003 and also gained her teaching diploma through The British Wheel of Yoga at the same time.  In 2004 Lamanda moved to New Zealand and set up her own yoga studio to teach yoga, relaxation therapy & meditation in Auckland.

In 2005 Lamanda was given a gift of an Angel Card reading and the reading clearly relayed that her path was to be a Spiritual Angel Messenger and Teacher. Very captivated by the card reading, she bought the same pack of cards “Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue PhD  and taught herself to read the cards.   On one of the readings, she received a message telling her to train with Doreen Virtue to enhance her skills in this area. It was a very clear message that could not be ignored and it seemed to come up again many times but in other different ways to make sure the message was acted upon.

HANIELIn 2010, Lamanda went to Australia to train with Doreen Virtue on an Angel Intuitive Course ™.    Doreen Virtue told Lamanda her soul essence has come from the stars and she has a deep connection to ancient mysteries and truths from other Star and Planetary Systems in the universe. She said that Lamanda’s soul purpose was to incarnate on earth to be an Earth Angel to help the people on this planet. Lamanda also had the soul energy of the Earth Angel  from the Fairy Realm  which meant that she was more outgoing than the other Star Souls Doreen had discovered, and she fully understands that Love, Happiness and Joy is a key purpose in life to assist in lifting up the planetary vibration here on earth.  Lamanda had always felt this aspect within her and has always wanted to help make people happier in life and had set up a “Happiness Now Project Group”  on Facebook for this purpose as well as teaching a lot about positivity and optimism for health and well-being in her yoga classes.

On the Angel Intuitive™ course Doreen spoke of the difficulties Lamanda and other Star Souls and Earth Angels faced with being on the earth. This made perfect sense to Lamanda as she had always felt she never belonged to the earth and ever since she was a child she had suffered some health issues and extreme sensitivities to man-made products. She also felt different to her earth family in many ways and looks quite different in her physical build and stature.  From childhood, Lamanda had also been fascinated by the stars systems and life forms on other planets, and of course Angels and Fairies.

In 2010 Lamanda had a deep connection with Archangel Raziel who spoke to her directly to say he has been by her side all the time since she has been on earth and her intense love of Rainbows was her way of feeling the presence of his Rainbow Aura.  Her name Lamanda was the name he gave to her parents through her brother and this was her true Spiritual name and means Light and Love.   He also said the deep insights that came to her were directly heard from him, and that she is to take on the mission of being a Spiritual Messenger for all the Angels through Love, Light and Truth. She gracefully accepted.

Lamanda connects to all the Angels and also has natural ability of reading people’s energy fields and Chakra’s and can offer advice if she senses any imbalances that may lead to any illness or dis-ease.   In 2011 she was guided to complete a Medical Intuitive Course held by Caroline Myss PhD and Dr Norm Shealy MD to enhance those skills and works closely with Archangel Raphael and other Archangels for healing purposes. Lamanda currently runs a Rainbow Light Healing Group on Facebook bringing healers all round the world together to share thier gifts and offer healing to others: click link:  Rainbow Light Healing

In 2015 Lamanda qualified as NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to holistically coach and mentor people to be the best they can be in their personal life.  To help people build better personal relationships.  To assist people to move fully onto their life purpose. To assist & enhance career development and improve personal businesses for greater success.  

Over the years many people have sought guidance and counsel from Lamanda from all over the world.  People have been drawn to her sensitive and kind nature.  Lamanda speaks through the language of love and wants only the very best for people. If she sees that someone is on the wrong path she will be honest and will offer advice to help assist a person to get back on track.  Lamanda fully understands that people are all on different levels in their spiritual evolution and intuitively knows how much truth is needed to be relayed at the right time.  Too much said too soon will not make much sense to some people as they have not had enough life experiences to fully comprehend it for themselves.  Lamanda can also offer advice and guidance to help break any ties of reoccurring patterns that she can see within people that holds them back in life.  She knows that by her own past experiences when a person is ready to hear the message, it will come through very loud and clear.

Lamanda’s star sign is a Scorpio, and a Snake (Chinese), her full name Numerology birth number is no 7,  her over all Rainbow Light Soul Ray vibration is Violet –  all these aspects point to Mystical, Psychic, Wisdom, Spirituality, Healer, Teacher and Truth Seeker

The message she says directly from her heart is:

I am well grounded, balanced, intuitive and intelligent.  I do not follow any one religious path, I walk my own path in all that I do and get my own guidance directly  to work through the channel of love, light and truth to be of service to the world. I also work consistently on myself in my own life to be the best I can be, to walk my talk  in order to help illuminate and uplift others to do the very same.

I am definitely a spiritual being having a human experience right here and right now.

Are You Ready to know what the Angels want to tell you, because I can hear what they want you to know?

All readings are provided for general guidance only.  Please refer to a medical practitioner for health issues and seek legal counsel if required.  Only persons over 18 years will be accepted.Any reading or message given is to be the sole responsibility of the recipient.