“My sessions with Lamanda and her guidance from the angels are amongst my most treasured possessions. At moments where I have felt that I am at a crossroads, I have returned to these readings time and time again.  What amazes me most about Lamanda is her pure and direct connection to the celestial realm, and the accuracy and clarity of the messages that come through.  Lamanda delivers the information that the angels want me to hear, which isn’t always the direction my ego would have chosen to go in… and this is what I love most about her work!  She always provides the highest perspective, which is a true gift of grace; especially when I’m feeling confused and can’t see the forest for the trees.  Lamanda is a beacon of truth, light and wisdom, and she brings all of this across with the most sparkling, effervescent and beautiful approach.  To have a reading with Lamanda is to connect with an angel here on Earth…”
 Casey Campbell – Canada
Theta Healer
“You’re connection is so strong Lamanda I get strength from across the waters whenever I connect with you. Your recent reading really reassured me of the path that I am on and where I am heading, I really value it. I know that when my energies are depleted your guidance helps to restore it as I can feel your colours ignite mine and it truly is wonderful. Thank you so much.” Rachael Hampshire – England Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Auricular Acupuncturist

“Oh my, Lamanda! I don’t think I can find the words to express how grateful I am for your insight from the angels. These messages touch on ALL the aspects of my life in which I have been seeking guidance. I just broke down in tears reading this. I know without a doubt that the angels and my spirit guides are around me, but I haven’t quite broken through the barrier with which I have surrounded myself yet, so it’s still difficult to feel them. In fact, sometimes they visit my sister Amber to let her know they’re trying to get through to me lol.Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your validation and affirmation I have received through you from the angels. Angel blessings to you!”
Dawn Claibourne -Texas USA

“Thank you so much for my reading as everything you said was spot on I have gone through a massive spiritual transition in the last two months which has been a amazing experience And also knowing that angels do exist ..!! Thank you so much for affirming that i am on the right path and passing on further messages to me my heart is now light thanks to your reading !! knowing I have risen above the darkness and i am now protected in the light by the angels and knowing my future is bright and full of happiness many thanks for the messages of reassurance,  peace love and light brad xxx”
Brad – Sydney Australia
“It was my pleasure to get connected to Lamanda through an angel reading. I took another one after two months and I appreciate all the efforts that she had put into it every time. I would like to add that she also picked few extra cards only to confirm the right tuning of her with me. Both the readings helped me gain a lot of focus with the things that truly resonated with my heart and gave me the strength to pursue them against all odds. She is very compassionate and positive with her words.”
Ankita – India
“This really does resonate. I have been getting similar guidance for a while and I am trying to follow this path. I realise that how the world and people see me is purely what I myself project. I have been in a negative phase but that is changing as I change my thoughts. Enjoying the now is the big one and I am working on that. I cant thank you enough for the reading. It really confirms everything. Wonderful Thank you.xx”
Ally – USA
“Thank you so much – what a wonderful reading – you are so SPOT ON!! Had a healing today and was told a lot of this – swimming, detox, past life stuff, my past relationships etc. So this just confirms it all.”
Michelle -New Zealand
“Spot on! Really thankful for your words of wisdom. The more I read this reading – the more it resonates with me. Your connection is really good.”
Claire – New Zealand
“Thank you for that wonderful reading, so very true and so spot on.”
Love and Light xx
Marie – Australia  
“I had a reading and it was very relevant to where I am. I think Lamanda has a special gift and should be shared with lots and lots of people. God bless you xxx”
Faye – England
“Your reading was spot on and very helpful.”
Donna – Australia
“Thank you so much for the reading – it is really appropriate right now ! I have been thinking about Yoga – so now I will look for a class. Also your comment about Divine Intervention is spot on, so once again I thank you.”
Carol – Australia
“Everything in the reading resonates with me,  and that itself gives me more confidence that I am on the right track. As you suggested I am digesting it, but the first thing I did was arrange for some Reiki and Flower Essence work and had that on Thursday last week. It was amazing with someone I hadn’t met before and the session was able to back up the issues raised in the reading.”
Liz – New Zealand
 ∞ ∞ ∞

“Lamanda,  Your “Soul Ray” report is extraordinary!!! I am so impressed; I was compelled to write you this letter thank you for all that you do. I’ve met a lot of people who claim to have the gift to look into someone’s soul and give a report of what they see, you don’t need to claim anything, you deliver everything you promise, and so much more.

At first, I was unsure as to what I should expect, but I always kept an open mind. I had no idea I was about to read something so profound, that described me so deeply, that I would be learning more about; the good and the bad parts of my past, future, and present soul mission.

For anyone wanting to learn; what makes them who they are, what their balance is between good and evil, what to study deep within their soul afterwards – then you NEED to get this “Rainbow Light Soul Ray Report by Lamanda Brown!”, No substitute will do.

For those that don’t know me, I myself run many online support groups, help thousands of people with their mission in life. When Lamanda presented me with my “Rainbow Light Soul Ray Report”, I was excited and curious to see what she could find about me since so many have tried and failed in the past. This report is so “bang on”, I still re-read the entire report regularly, and it still amazes me to this day.”   Love everything that you do for people Lamanda!”

Martin R. Lemieux – Canada



  “Every time I come back to read my Rainbow Light Soul Report by Lamanda again, I gain more insight, more wisdom and more understanding about how to navigate my life, and to how to love myself as I truly am.  What stood out to me most was how Lamanda explained that the rainbow light rays contain “both light and shadow aspects which require self-awareness and self-acceptance in order to be whole.”  This helps me to be more compassionate with myself, and more open to new possibilities for myself and my life that I hadn’t thought of before.  My Soul Report made me feel truly seen and appreciated ~ as Lamanda so beautifully and accurately outlined my heart, my soul, and my purpose. Thanks to Lamanda and my Soul Report, my vision of myself and my life are forever transformed!  Thank you, Lamanda!”

Casey Campbell – Canada
“I was very surprised at the accuracy of the reading I had done and the insights that it provided. Whilst some of the information was new there were other areas that added depth to what I already knew about myself or which tied things in and allowed me to make new links that helped me with a deepening of my self understanding in ways that I have not had with tarot, spiritual readings or my birth chart.   For example I was deeply touched and affirmed by what came up for the soul purpose (third colour Ray) and have reminded myself of it often since then. Very useful and I would gladly recommend this to others!”  
Andre Habib – New Zealand

“The concept of Soul Ray report was quite new to me, however, I was keen on reading it with an attitude to know myself on a deeper level. The report is covered in four parts helping you to understand the attributes you are associated with right from your birth. One of the main purposes of our lives is to discover our true self, but most of the times we tend to lose the grip within our individual chaos. The soul report on the other hand, directs us to focus on the same by helping us realize our overall composition including the unbalanced side of us. This provides us a framework to understand our strengths and weakness, while guiding us to organize the same with the re-balancing tips provided by Lamanda that assist us to reach closer to the purpose of our soul”. 

Ankita – India

“Lamanda,  words cannot express the wonder of the Soul Report you have done for me. To say it resonated with me, would be an understatement! It is spot on & has come directly from God. I feel so privileged that you did that for me. I think it is probably the single, most important report I have ever had done. It was imperative I was given that information, right at this particular time. Wow! Thank you so much xxx”.

Clare Ashman – New Zealand


All readings are provided for general guidance only.  Please refer to a medical practitioner for health issues and seek legal counsel if required.  Only persons over 18 years will be accepted.Any reading or message given is to be the sole responsibility of the recipient.