Creating a Wonderful Day Moment by Moment

Lots of people live out each day as an extension of the previous day, dragging along all the past limitations, resentments, habits, beliefs, concepts like big heavy bag upon their shoulders.  However the opportunity to change is staring at us right in our face at every moment.  We can choose to lighten the load and let it all go and start creating a new life of  “Lightness, Happiness and Wonderful Opportunities”.

  1. Start the day as if it was your last day in your life.  You will never actually get to live this day ever again, so you might as well make it a good one.  Make a conscious decision that whatever baggage bothered you yesterday (or earlier in your past) will not bother you today.  “Love your life for what it is now”
  2. Tell yourself you are going to have a fantastic day and you could even name the day in an uplifting way ie; Marvellous Mondays, Terrific Tuesdays, Wonderful Wednesdays, Tremendous Thursdays, Fantastic Fridays, Superb Saturdays, and Sensational Sundays.
  3. Upon waking spend at 5-10 minutes thinking good things about how your day can turn out. You are setting the intention here, so go for it. Even if you are doing something that would not normally give you the feeling of imminent joy (like going to the dentist).  So think the kind of thoughts like “it will be just fine” as often in these instances our conditioned minds can have a habit of projecting the worst type scenarios than what actually happens in the end.  “It’s often never turns out as bad as it seems”.
  4. Be more aware of your thinking mind and how it affects how you feel. Choose to think thoughts that make you feel good. You are the owner of your thoughts, feelings and actions and therefore you reap the consequences of your thoughts, feelings and actions. “Our minds are like our garden, we can sow flowers or we can sow weeds” You can choose to sow flowers.
  5. Be more mindful, it makes the day more interesting… you notice the small stuff and can appreciate things more because they are in your awareness.  For instance, taking time (a break) for a cup of tea/coffee/drink, and really savour everything about it. Or notice the great people/family/friends around you and pay compliments to them about something. The small things that we often take for granted get overlooked in the big picture of life when we are not present in it. “Awareness of the present moment is a gift”.
  6. Spend a moment looking in the mirror, look deep into your own eyes and tell yourself how wonderful you are. That person say’s it right back at ya!!   “You are wonderful, so you might as well believe it”.
  7. If the day isn’t turning out well as you would have liked for whatever reason, let it go and learn to laugh about it. There is a brand new tomorrow to start all over again and you get another chance to make it good. “No point taking life too seriously”
  8. Go easy on yourself and don’t beat yourself up over things that you may think you have got wrong, life is not always easy and you did well to get this far and survive. The challenges we face in our lives are our greatest opportunities to transform ourselves.  We were never meant to get it all right in a day (or even in one lifetime as some would say).   So if you make a mistake, there is no point to keep punishing yourself about it. You are just learning like everyone else and just need to make a correction for next time. “On the other side of any mistakes is a chance for growth”.
  9. Remind yourself often that you are a spiritual being having a human experience “You are a luminous light of radiant love that is unconditional, infinite and all embracing”.
  10. At the end of the day before going to sleep, set up your mind for a peaceful sleep. Take 10 minutes to reflect upon the day, and be thankful for all the good things that happened to you. Gratitude is a strong attractor that will bring you more of the same.  “Be joyful for the day you’ve had and look forward to creating another fantastic day tomorrow”.

If you did this diligently for 30 days, by the end of the month you would have acquired a new and more effective habit and way of living your life – one that attracts more abundance, good health and joy into your life.

If all the above seems too hard a task to do…remember one thing “misery & suffering is not your life purpose”.  If you find that you are constantly unhappy about anything, you have a choice; you either change it, or if you can’t change it you can change how you think and feel about it. That is the gift we have been given our human experience, this is our free will.

Angel Blessings & Love




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