Survival Guide For Empaths

Ok so you know you are an Empath, here is a few tips on how to cope and survive well in your life with this Gift you have!

1. Water

The body is made up of 75% water so water is an excellent cleanser to our bodies.

Water helps immensely. Drink at least 8 -10 glasses a day (does not include soda’s, juices tea or coffee) to flush out toxins and stay hydrated. Being hydrated is really important for you.  Your emotions/feelings flow through the water in your body, you will need more water than you think because you are picking up everyone else’s emotions too. The internal cleanse will allow those emotions to catch a ride on the water in your body to flow right out of you. The heavier you weigh the more water you will need.

You can also bless your water before you drink it too.  Tell it you love it! This changes its crystalline composition on a sub atomic level. Make it work for you, there is not harm in trying. Check out this link for more info:

Take regular sea salt or Epsom salt baths to help you relax, recharge and detoxify your aura/energy field

If you are feeling heavy and drained after coming away from a situation i.e. work, an event, close contact with someone else. When you get home have a shower or bath immediately, and use a gentle sea salt scrub. Both will help cleanse your auric field of any negative energy you may have picked up.   You will feel a lot better.  Water is our master purifier and sea salt will attract negative ions from your energy field to be washed down the drain. If you live near the sea, go swimming as much as possible, even a little paddle in it will help release toxins through your feet.

2. Breathe

Learn to breathe correctly, this is important. Most people tend to breathe in the upper chest area, and if stressed or reacting to a situation the breath becomes even shorter and the body will go on overdrive and may even invoke feelings of panic (fight or flight mode).

Here is a very simple breathing practise to start off with:

Close your eyes, relax your jaw by having your teeth apart with the mouth closed, sit quietly for a few moments and breathe in and out though your nose naturally.  Just notice the movement of the breath in your chest area. Where do you feel the chest move, is it – upper, middle or the lower part?


Next: Start to slow your breath down to lengthen it by breathing into your tummy area by gently pushing the tummy out when you breathe in (this creates extra space in the bottom half of the lungs for the air to move into naturally) and when you breath out gently pull the tummy back in a little bit more than what it was when you were breathing naturally. Continue for few minutes (2-5 minutes) at those levels. Keeping the mind focused on the tummy moving in and out. To finish just rest by coming back to your natural breath for a few moments. Notice how your body feels afterwards.

This is a gentle, non-forceful practise. You will find your own rhythm in the practise and you can do it at any time throughout the day, (even with your eyes open as no one will know).  By doing a regular practise for 5-10 min’s a day helps to re-educate your mind/body into breathing correctly all through the day. By doing this you are setting up a new habit of how to breathe for life.

The benefits of breathing correctly; fully oxygenates the blood, purifies the blood/body of toxins, calms the mind, relieves stress, reduces tension, brings a balance and grounding back to the whole body, aids restful sleep.

3. Exercise (Play)

It is important that you give yourself exercise or playtime to let off steam. Playtime is a good expression to use instead of exercise as it makes you feel young, alive and connects to your inner child for fun.  It does not have to be a humdrum boring routine in the gym or so obsessive you feel guilty about not doing it. You can make it fun and light to enjoy it, there are no real rules.  Go for brisk walk, get the music cranked up and dance like nobody’s watching. Dance, stretch and jump your cares away and get a sweat on. Getting a sweat on is the purification process. Plus you boost your endorphins for the inner feel good factor.

All you need is 10 minutes a day, often the 10 minutes  will turn to 20, 30 or 40 minutes  because you are having so much fun.

4. Yoga

I am an advocate of Yoga. There are many different forms of yoga that suit many different types of people.  You will need to try it out yourself to find the type that suits you. Yoga is for everyone, it does not matter about age, ability, flexibility or body weight. Yoga serves all. It will keep your whole body young, it gets you in touch with who you are (mind, body and soul), it grounds you to earth, it calms your mind, it helps you develop self-awareness, it helps sleeping issues, it allows you to accept yourself in all that you are (this is the gift you bring to earth). So go out and find a class and teacher that you love! This is important; you need to do the work in trying a few different classes and styles to find a class & teacher that suits you best.

5. Meditation

This is a must if you have a fast paced busy mind  with endless mind-chatter and fearful thoughts. Meditation will help you deal with stressful situations and enhances your inner vision and insights. There are many forms of meditation you can learn. It’s worth trying a few different techniques to find one that resonates with you.

A note on meditation: if you are finding that you are struggling with depression in anyway, meditation  is not really advisable as it can make you too introverted, so instead you could just use the breathing & focus method above in number 2.

6. Creativity

Get creative and have fun, make time for this in your routine. It will uplift your spirit and gives your mind a focus away from any negative thoughts, fears and feelings. Don’t worry if you don’t feel creative, you just need to try different things because you are creative and have not discovered that about yourself yet.  Do what makes you feel great to get your creative juices flowing: paint, cook, sew, write, arrange flowers, garden, home décor etc. The list is endless.

7. Daydream

Allow your mind to have time to drift up and away on imaginative thoughts that take you somewhere else. To help you start, you can read inspiring stories, poems, look at wonderful pictures and pieces of art and let your imagination run free afterwards. This will lead you into your creativity side of your brain and new ideas will suddenly spring out of nowhere naturally.

8. Nature

Go outside in nature often, this environment will raise your vibration and cleanse your aura of any residues that to do not belong to you.  If you live in the city make time to visit a lovely park where there are trees and greenery to be amongst.  Go out to the countryside for long strolls or by the sea or a lake.  Have plants in your home or in your work environment to help cleanse and purify the air environment.  Make time to look up at the sky often too, the mere act of looking up raises your vibration upwards and the colour of a blue sky will be very healing on your body and aura.

9. Happiness & Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine! We can all spend too much time being serious about life and lose touch with its real meaning. Life is not all about struggle, work and achievement, so we need to lighten up and not take everything so serious.   Having a regular belly laugh session will put a spring into you step to see the lighter side of life.  Do what makes you happy to bring a smile to your face, heart and soul. You are the only one that knows what does and if you don’t, this is something to work on for yourself to find out.  Laughter makes our spirits soar high and is the best therapy there is.

10.  Crystals

The healing power of crystals has long been known in many cultures, from Atlantis to ancient Egypt.  Many ancient civilizations had crystal (and light chambers using crystals refracting rainbow light) that would be used to heal many diseases and illnesses.  Get some crystals for yourself and experiment and learn about what they can do for you.  They really are the healing Jewels from God and have immense healing and cleansing properties. There is lots of information you can find more about crystals via the internet.

11.  Essential Oils

As with crystals the healing power of essential oils is know from ancient cultures. It is through the sense of smelling the aroma that reaps many benefits. (Imagine now just smelling your favourite scent or flower and feel the effect it has on your body and mood).   The best all round essential oil is Lavender because, unlike many oils, it can be used without a carrier-oil and applied directly to the skin or put straight into your bath water (other oils can irritate the skin if used neat). Amongst its many benefits, it is an antidepressant antiseptic, antifungal, it can even be used as a sleep aid.

12.  Light

You need to get regular doses of sunlight, 10-15 minutes a day without sun protection is enough to boost your energy field and allow your body to make natural vitamin D too for other health benefits.    Moonlight (& starlight) is also very good; going outside to look at the moon in all its phases to feel its healing and cleansing rays is very beneficial on all levels. The full moon is especially powerful to clear out the old, and recharge for new to enter.

13.  Rest and Grounding

Get enough rest, sleep and quiet time alone. Being highly sensitive you will often need the quiet time and space to just reconnect to yourself and ground for a “Soul/Spirit Break”.   Get at least 8 hours sleep and if you can take regular cat naps too. Go to your favourite spot to be alone when you need it and process what you are feeling (& to ascertain if it belongs to you or not to let it go).  Lying down on the ground to surrender to mother earth’s gravitational pull, helps the body relax, let go and ground you right down to her crystal core too. There are many grounding and relaxing techniques found on the internet to try out.

14.  TV

Turn off the TV as much as possible; only watch what you really want to watch. Refrain from watching violence, war or horror etc. Don’t have the TV on the background either; it’s too stimulating to the senses. If you do want some background noise just play your favourite music or listen to the radio, or up lifting recordings.

15.  Diet

Eat natural and organic if you can. If you can’t, make sure you are scrupulous in washing veggies and fruit to clean off pesticides etc.  Re eating meat, reduce intake or don’t eat it or only eat organic / free range if you can. There is far too much suffering in factory farmed animals and you are going to pick this energy up from this food when you eat it.  Re eggs only eat free range too.  Battery farm hens are born into a life of suffering.   You can also bless your food too before every meal to energise it with good vibrations. Cooking your own food also helps to put your good vibrations, love and intentions into the food. Fast food has very low vibrations and does not feed your energy body very well and likely to contain many artificial ingredients which affect body chemistry.

16.  Caffeine

Reduce Caffeine,(or cut it out all together) as it’s likely to be over stimulating for most and will bring on anxiety attacks. You will know how your body reacts, go by what you feel after ingesting it and listen to your own guidance on what you need to do. Caffeine is not just coffee and tea, it is found in many energy drinks, medicines, and chocolate too.

17.  Drugs/Alcohol/Addictions

Empaths often go along this route of indulgence to cover up intense feelings & emotions being picked up from others and may even get addicted. Developing Inner awareness of this habit creeping up is key in order to nip it in the bud before it gets out of control. Cut back and allow it only for special occasions. Ask yourself what are you trying to run away from or covering up and work on healing and purging that instead. Get outside assistance if you need help to break any addictive habits.  Both alcohol and drugs deplete the body and weaken the auric energy field.  Getting high can may make you feel better initially; however the come down afterwards actually makes you wide open to feel even more in a negative way, the hangover from hell says it all. The more sensitive you are, the more pain you will feel in your body after indulging.

18.  Love

The most important self-healing tool we have is Love; it makes the world go round. Self-Love is not selfish in anyway either. By loving yourself (warts and all) you will be able to love another (warts and all). You cannot give any love if you can’t love yourself first.  An orange can only squeeze out orange juice, because that is what it contains within, it cannot squeeze out apple juice. So trying to squeeze out love for another when you don’t have love for yourself does not work. It won’t be love, it will be something else entirely.

19.  Personal Boundaries

It is ok to say no to anything you don’t feel you want to do.  Looking after yourself first is important and saying no helps you create a personal boundary and develop self-empowerment to lead your life how you want to lead it. You do not have to be a people pleaser in your life by catering to everyone elses needs first before your own.     Another tip is to not be concerned about what other people think of you either. It is really is none of your business.  You have every right to be the unique being that you are. If someone does not like that, and wants to change you in some way, you may need to let them go in your life.  Be your authentic self!


20.   Energy Healing

If you feel depleted, its worth get some healing work done by another. Try out different types and techniques to see which work for your body best. Being an empath you are likely to be drawn to be a healer yourself but you need to remember you must be on tip top form if you are healing others.  Healing is about not using your personal energy, but channelling the healing energy from the universe. If you are exhausted after giving healings you need to adapt your technique, as you are using your own energy and you will burn out!

21.  Protection

Many believe that setting up a protective shield around your body (white & coloured light energy shields etc) can help you not absorb so much energy and protect you from others.  You need to try this yourself if it works for you. You can also call upon the Archangels to help or invoke the shield around yourself too.

For me this has never worked.  I finally came to the conclusion I was meant to feel it all and learn how to handle it in this lifetime the best way I could. I firmly believe that being an empath is a gift that has been given to many in order to create a better world and is an evolutionary process of mankind. Over protecting myself is being fearful of what I am and can feel. Living in fear of that will brings blocks to my path and inner spiritual growth.  However everyone is unique and will feel different about this one. There is no right or wrong way, so do what’s feels right for you.

22.   Pets

Having a pet really helps to dissolve any negative energy or feelings you may encounter.  Our pets are like our Animal Angel guides and are there to show us about unconditional love. The very act of patting and stroking a pet has a huge effect of de-stressing us and also combats any feelings of loneliness. With some pets it really obvious as they are affectionate back ie Dogs & Cats etc.  However not all pets show us love outwardly ie fish LOL.  But by looking after and caring for any animal generates love inside of us which still has dissolving effect of any negativity from our energy field that we may have picked up from another.

Angel Blessings


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