Soul to Soul Evolution


An old soul and young soul have many lessons to learn about life on the Earth School.  A young soul will make lots of mistakes, as will an old soul. But the old soul knows how to handle making those mistakes with greater ease and has a willingness to learn at a quicker pace.

A young soul will keep making many mistakes, often having the same lesson for a very long time. Thus, causing great suffering for itself and sometimes to others, until it realises that a different way of being or action is needed for the lesson to be learnt. This process can take place over numerous lifetimes and in different life situations and with different soul groups.

When an old soul makes mistakes it has a deeper knowing from its past experiences that it can reduce its suffering by choosing not to be too hard on itself. As it knows that an ability to score a 100% in the tests of life first time is a virtual impossibility. And its handling of a failure of any lesson is not actually seen as a failure but is known to be a stepping stone towards greater wisdom, more understanding and a movement towards it own evolution. It also has an ability to tune in to a greater force then itself  to get insight on a way forward to lead it towards a successful outcome sooner.

An old soul can also forgive a young soul very easily when they make mistakes, because it’s knows that making mistakes is the soul’s way of learning and evolving through its own experience of this process.

An old soul can also watch with loving understanding towards a young soul and stand back without wanting to interfere in the young soul’s life (unless asked to do so by the young soul). Because the old soul knows that true soul wisdom comes from experiencing everything in life and making lots of mistakes as life unfolds in the barrage of lessons the earth school provides.

With Love 


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