Signs From Heaven


Our Angels and spirit guides often send us signs to let us know they are nearby; to guide and give us messages to help us in our life. Below are some of the signs and their meanings we can receive from them.

1. White feathers are signs the Angels are nearby and are watching over you at all times. Ask them for help if you need too.

2. Butterflies often come as signs from your departed loved ones, to remind you they are near by and are well. They also can be a sign to give you messages of hope for any issue that you maybe facing. Butterflies do also signify a sign of a positive transformation you are currently going through, as they know that any positive changes in life often come with challenges. So they come to you as reminders that the challenges you have are making you stronger and promoting inner growth for a transformation to occur.

3. Found pennies or coins – are like a sign of “pennies from heaven” and can be represented as an abundance offering from Heaven. So pick them up and say “thank you” as your offer of gratitude can help bring forth more abundance and prosperity your way. Or these can be a sign that an improved and happier time is coming up for you in your life – luck is on your side!

4. Birds are often are a sign from your departed loved ones in heaven to say hullo, wish you well and send love to you. Some birds also give a specific message dependent on the species of the bird. For instance, a white Dove will give you a message of peace. Humming Birds bring messages of joy and beauty.

5. Rainbows are often a sign that some form of magic is going to happen for you in your life. So keep positive and optimistic that you are going to get the magical pot of gold in some shape or form. They also signify your Angels are nearby and are supporting you in all that you do and to ask you to keep going because you are on the right path.

6. Scents or smells sometimes come from your departed loved ones to remind you of their presence by surrounding you with a particular fragrance or smell to make you think of them. Also the Angels and Fairies will send you a trail of floral scents to make them known to you and where they have been.

7. Dreams; your Angels and your departed loved ones sometimes come into your dreams when you sleep to give you guidance and messages. You may not always remember your dreams but that does not mean the message is lost, you can retrieve those messages by meditating or taking time out of your schedule for inner silence. You can then ask the Angels or departed loved ones what it is they want you to know and wait for the message to come through. By doing so, you may remember parts of the dream or get to understand the message by seeing inner visions or hear words being spoken in your mind. The dreams are often most vivid and colourful and will have a wonderful blissful feeling that is hard to describe in earthly terms. It is a feeling directly given from heaven to let you know Heaven is a wonderful and loving place.

8. Seeing sparkles of coloured light; depending on the colour, these can be messages sent via the Angels whose help you most need at the time, especially if you have been having a difficult time. Also the Archangels often show themselves to be seen as different colour flashes or orbs of light. For instance, Archangel Raphael can be seen as green, Archangel Michael can be seen as gold or Violet, Archangel Jophiel can be seen as deep pink. For more info on the Archangels and their colours click here.

9. Gentle touches felt against your skin which are often very subtle, and either feel like a soft brush on your arm or neck, or a tingling sensation across your back. These are signs you are being supported by your Angels or departed loved ones.

10. Hearing voices or angelic singing coming from nowhere, or hearing your name being called when you are alone; this is a sign from your Angels that things are going to be ok. Trust and have faith you are being supported by their presence.

11. Music and Television; hearing a song or lyrics on the radio using words that help, reassure or confirm something for you, is often the work of the angels attempting to clarify or ease a situation for you. Similarly, if you happen to be flicking through TV channels and come across a show or documentary that relates to something that’s been troubling you at the time. Don’t ignore it, as it could be a message from the heavenly realm giving you your answer you need.

12. Reading words in a book or magazine; you might just open a book/magazine to read the exact passage that helps you with an issue you have. Or a book might fall off the shelf and open at a page you need to read to get the message. It could also be words that catch your eye in on a poster or billboard to give you the message you need. This is guidance from the Angels or Guides to get your attention for any matter you need help with.

13. You might feel urged to visit a place or see a person but don’t know why. But when you do all is revealed in some kind of synchronistic event that is very meaningful to you. This is your Angels, or Spirit guides giving you nudges to move you in that direction for a connection to be made.

14. Receiving telephone calls, texts or even emails from a person you need support from in the very moment you need them. The Angels have intervened to arrange the connection so that person thinks of you, to make a connection and who can offer you advice or the helpful guidance you need.

15. Repetitive number patterns. You see the same numbers over and over such as 111, 222, 333 or any pattern that is reoccurring. You may see these on clocks, dials car number plates, computers, till receipts or anywhere! This is a direct message from your Angels. The meanings of these numbers can be found in Doreen Virtues book – Angel Numbers 101.

16. Cloud formations of Angels or wings are a sign your Angels are near you.

17. Other Angel shapes that catch your eye; these could be on fabric, puddles, bubbles in your bath, shadows or anywhere else, and are signs from your Angels to let you know you are not alone.

18. High pitched ringing in your ears is often a sign (and is not tinnitus) that the Angels or your spirit guides are giving you a message at a high frequency straight into your subconscious mind to be retrieved later by you. If the ringing is too loud, you can ask them to turn the volume down. Sometimes you will also be thinking about something that is important and you hear a ringing or high pitch frequency sound in your ears,  the Angels or your guides are giving you this sound signal to ask you to be aware of listening to your own intuition about the subject you are thinking about.



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